Is Network Marketing a Scam?

If you're curious about network marketing, or wondering if it's a scam - I'd encourage you to read this article!

In my previous life, I was an aerospace engineer. It sounds kinda nice to say, but the reality is–it wasn’t nice at all.

I sat in a 6×6 cubicle, where I stared at spreadsheets and software requirements all day long. And, if it was a really good day, I could test my software requirements on the simulator. WOOO!

But, thank the Lord above, I was introduced to It Works! Global – the network marketing company with the ‘crazy wrap thing’ that you’ve no doubt seen flood your social media news feeds.

And, of course, with my 25 year-old, naive brain, my insides immediately screamed – SCAM!

But, here’s whats really a scam: Working 50 hours a week, doing something you don’t love, just to be able to hopefully stop doing that thing before you’re 65.

And, here’s the real truth…

With the boom of social media, network marketing is far and away, the single, greatest opportunity for normal people to become abnormally wealthy.


Over the past 15 years, I can confidently say that I’ve tried just about everything when it comes to marketing online. I’ve created physical products, imported products from China, sold tee shirts, created hundreds of websites, I’ve done SEO, PPC, CPV – I’ve tried all the things.

And, some of those things made me a lot of money, but NOTHING has ever compared to network marketing. And, it all comes down to one thing


If you’ve studied marketing in any capacity, you will have no-doubt heard the phrase lifetime value or LTV. And, it’s a crazy important statistic to track (and many companies still don’t!).

Let’s do an example:
Mary is selling some body wraps on Facebook. So, she decides to do some advertising.

Mary knows that it costs her $10 for a body wrap, and she sells them for $25 each – so, that leaves her $15 for advertising before she loses money – RIGHT?


Mary is actually incredibly smart. Mary knows that for every 10 wraps she sells, she will get two repeat customers and one of those customers will upgrade to become a distributor on her team. A repeat customer, on average, will make her $74 in commissions and a distributor on her team, on average, will make her $1,248 dollars! (these numbers are not actual, just to help illustrate a point)

So, the correct answer is: Mary can advertise until her little heart is content because over the course of a year, she will make over $1300 by selling these ten wraps!

Now, I know, there are some caveats here – Mary must build a team, Mary must help her customers, the company can’t go out of business, and Mary needs to keep working long enough to actually create/determine these average LTVs.

But, the real moral of this story is… if you find an great network marketing company and you really attack it, and commit to it – you can create an incredible new stream of income that can last you for a lifetime.

I’ve done heaps of affiliate marketing. And, it’s always the same….

  • 1) You find a hot product.
  • 2) You determine the profit potential.
  • 3) You advertise until you can’t afford to anymore.
  • 4) You keep the remaining balance & make someone else rich.
  • 5) Wash, rinse, repeat.

Sure, you can make some great one-time paydays, but it’s nothing like the power of network marketing.

And, where else on earth do you get to help others become healthy and wealthy, while you become more healthy and wealthy?


My wife Denise and I have been with It Works Global for over ten years now. During that time, we’ve recruited more people to the business than anyone else in the world.

It’s safe to assume that we’ve recruited at least 1,000 people to become distributors on our team, personally.

It’s also safe to assume that we’ve made over 5 million dollars in commissions from those thousand people.

Now, this is why network marketing is so amazing…

If you did your math correctly – each and every one of those distributors, ON AVERAGE, was worth at least $50,000 dollars!

Crazy, right?

And, that’s ON AVERAGE. So, even the distributors who joined and then quit immediately are accounted for. And, this doesn’t count the commissions that are being paid out to other teammates! But, let’s put this back into context for marketing purposes.

So, let’s assume that for every 100 leads we talk to that just 1 is going to sign up. What does that mean?

It means that those leads are worth $500 each!


You’re right. There’s a catch. There’s always a catch.

The company you join matters tremendously. Not every company is going to have this kind of retention and commission structure.

If you’re going to REALLY WORK a network marketing business – this is the most important thing to look for:


Anyone can have a hot product. It’s really not that hard. But the only way YOU can count on commissions and create that huge LTV is if the leadership is SOLID.

You need to know that they are not going to sell out, that they are not going to be content with just 10 million in sales, that they are morally and ethically sound, and that they are going to be around for the long haul.

If your leadership isn’t constantly committed to new marketing, new technology & new products – then you’ll never be able to truly attack the business!

I was extremely lucky to live in the hometown where It Works started, and I got to know the owners on a personal level at my church. Because of this, I learned all about their character and it gave me the faith I needed to really give the opportunity everything I had.

WRAPPING UP – get it?

The whole idea is this. You can sell a widget, and get a one-time payday. Or, you can create a network marketing organization that pays you, and your teammates again, and again, and again.

You just have to find a SOLID COMPANY and then commit to it!
If you’d like to work with Denise and I promoting It Works – just shoot me a message. I won’t be going anywhere! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you have any thoughts about what I said, just leave me a comment below!

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