Side Hustles & Strategies

Respondent.IO provides opportunities to provide feedback and participate in online focus groups. Pay varies, but $100/hr isn’t uncommon.  

Lifepoints is a survey/reward site, and is my recommendation for people with a lot of patience, but don’t want to think too much. 🙂  (your go-to toilet activity)

Do you have extra driveway space?  extra garage space?  an extra room?  Register your empty space on Neighbor and get paid for it!

Acorns is a free app that automatically ’rounds up’ your purchasases and places the extra into a savings account!  It now allows for saving for children as well. 

Appen is known for posting jobs to become search engine evaluators, but has much more. Get paid to complete one-time projects, or get paid $11-$17/hr for research. 

Billo is the biggest new site for UGC (User Generated content).  At Billo, you can get paid for creating TikTok videos about products and services. (Around $30-$50/video)

This guy’s marketing newsletter is really great. I highly recommend it. 

AWIN is one of the biggest affiliate platforms on Earth.  Go here to sign up to promote products you love, and get paid well to do it!

Build relationships with editors at the following sites to get paid big $$$ writing online: