LifePoints Surveys & Rewards — Is It Worth It?

Lifepoints is a rewards platform with over 6 million members worldwide, so it's obviously legitimate. But, is LifePoints worth the time? I'll share my review of the LifePoints Reward platform here and let you decide for yourself!
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    Okay, so here’s the deal with LifePoints – in a nutshell.

    Can you make money?  Yes.
    Is it simple?  Yes.
    Does it require patience? YES!

    Step #1 – Getting started WITH LIFEPOINTS

    If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make some extra income from your phone, then you’re in luck.  LifePoints is certainly easy, but let’s not pretend its going to make you rich. 

    To get started, you can click here and then fill out your personal information – (make sure to validate your email address), and answer some follow-up questions about your household. 

     ⭐️ TIP:  Don’t start a survey submission with LifePoints if you’re not fully relaxed with time to kill.  My favorite time personally was in the car pick-up line to get my kids. 🙂

    Step #2 – Verify your email

    Of course, when you sign up for LifePoints, you’ll likely get inundated with emails/offers and who knows where your information is sold to.

    So, while it’s necessary to verify your email in the process, I’d recommend that you use an email that isn’t your primary. 

    LifePoints Email verification

    Once you’ve verified your email address, you’ll get your first 10 LPs (LifePoints) and you’ll be up and running! 

    While I don’t recommend using your primary email address, the information in your profile DOES have to be real, or else the cross-referencing that LifePoints will fail, and they won’t accept your account. 

    Step #3 – Completing surveys

    So, here’s how LifePoints works: 

    Companies pay LifePoints to get specific kinds of feeback from the members at LifePoints. (That’s you!) 

    LifePoints then offers up different opportunities in the form of surveys on your member dashboard that you can then apply for. 

    My first survey looked like this, and I was offered 10 points to complete. 

    It took me about 2 minutes, and was just normal demographic data regarding my account. 

    This is just a starter survey, and once you get approved, and start getting really active in the app, you’ll see dozens of opportunities, boosters, and such. 

    Step #4 – GETTING PAID

    There are actually several ways to get paid with LifePoints.

    Gift Cards:
    You can redeem your LifePoints in the form of eGift cards from places like Amazon and Starbucks or to purchase apps on Google Play.  I’d personally opt for getting cold hard cash, but you get slightly more value doing it this way about $15 in merch for 1k points. 

    You can obviously get your rewards deposited into Paypal, and it’s the most popular option. The exchange rate for cash is about $10 for 1200 points. 

    If you’re a saint at heart, and want to donate your hard-earned LifePoints to charity, you can also do that!  They have the option to donate directly to UNICEF, so your labor will go to those needing it most.  🙂 

    My experience with lifepoints

    Overall, LifePoints is a pretty good way to make a few extra dollars if you want something legitimate to do during your free time. 

    But, I have a few disclaimers to that. 

    One, it took me, I think about an hour before I had enough points to get $10 in merch. I didn’t add up the time, specifically, but I think it’s a fairly accurate guess. 

    My second disclaimer is that you need to have some patience, as you’ll encounter a lot of redundant questions. 

    My third and final disclaimer is that there is no customer service, so don’t expect to get help if something happens and you are booted during a survey (yes, it happened to me). 

    All that being said, I’d definitely recommend installing the app, and trying for yourself!

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