Affiliate Marketing on AWIN – Getting Started…

AWIN is one of the best affiliate network marketplaces on the planet. If you're looking to get started with affiliate marketing, then look no further!

Step #1 – Join awin

Awin is a HUGE affiliate marketplace and it’s free to join. Chances are, if there is a product or a service that you love, then you can promote it for a commission by using the AWIN network. 

Click here to join AWIN, and after you do, let me know, and I’ll share with you more of my tips for success!

Step #2 – find a few products you love

To start with, I’d highly recommend thinking about the products around your house that you already own, and LOVE. 

Maybe there is a kitchen appliance, or a pair of jeans, or even a service you consistently use… by finding something you already love, it makes much easier to review the product and share about it. 

The next thing you’ll want to do is search the AWIN affiliate network, and apply to the program.

Awin Advertisers

Step #3 – promote your link

Once your application is approved with the merchant (usually takes less than 24 hours), you’re good to start promoting it.  

Always be sure to look at the terms of the merchant, as they will often have specific rules e.g.  don’t use email, or don’t incentivize, etc. But, most merchants do typically allow you to show off their products on social media. 

The first thing I’d recommend is showing off your product on TikTok to capitalize on the free traffic their platform offers. 

Here are a few tips for TikTok:

  • Use the built-in video and editing tools (don’t upload clips)
  • Use trending hashtags and trending music
  • Ensure you have great lighting and frequent movement
  • Use a cliffhanger/clickbaity cover and title e.g. “The Watch Celebrities Love…”
  • Keep your video to less than a minute and use a call to action

If you follow this formula, then you just have to add your new affiliate link to your post or profile, and you are on your way to a great new income stream!

Step #4 – get paid

Affiliate marketing is a simple concept.  You show off products and services that you love, and when someone purchases because of you, you get paid. 

There is no shipping, no inventory, no worry. It’s the best job on earth, in my opinion. 

So, start sharing your affiliate links, and getting paid!  Get started with AWIN here. 

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