The 44 Most Unique Gifts for a Super Hip, Mid 30’s, Radical Dad with Incredible Style…

CAUTION: This is 35 years worth of amazing discoveries, unique gifts to myself and thousands of hours of scouring Amazon prime. It will be a challenge not to purchase these items.

You see, over my lifetime, I’ve noticed that I randomly, yet quite consistently, fall in love with certain brands, products, services, and experiences – and I fall hard.

And, as one does, I share that love with a few of my close amigos, and then that’s that.

But, it doesn’t seem right. It takes a long stinkin’ time to find that perfect-fitting pair of jeans, or that hilarious movie no one has heard of, or that pillow that is perfectly firm yet perfectly soft.

And, when you combine all those unique discoveries- it really gives you a good idea of someone’s “ness”.

So… until I can make the perfect social sharing system for one’s favorite stuff – this post’ll have to do.

Without further ado (and in no particular order) – my Brandon-ness:


That’s all I have for now, but I plan on adding more unique gifts, services, apps and authors soon – so check back often!

If you have recommendations on gifts, services, or other stuff that you just can’t live without please leave me a link or a note in the comments!!!

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