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The 44 Most Unique Gifts for a Super Hip, Mid 30’s, Radical Dad with Incredible Style…

CAUTION: This is 35 years worth of amazing discoveries, unique gifts to myself and thousands of hours of scouring Amazon prime. It will be a challenge not to purchase these items.

You see, over my lifetime, I’ve noticed that I randomly, yet quite consistently, fall in love with certain brands, products, services and experiences – and I fall hard.

And, as one does, I share that love with a few of my close amigos and then that’s that.

But, it doesn’t seem right. It takes a long stinkin’ time to find that perfect fitting pair of jeans, or that hilarious movie no one has heard of, or that pillow that is perfectly firm yet perfectly soft.

And, when you combine all those unique discoveries- it really gives you a good idea of someone’s “ness”.

So… until I can make the perfect social sharing system for one’s favorite stuff – this post’ll have to do.

Without further ado (and in no particular order) – my Brandon-ness:

Homage Tee-Shirts

I searched for so many years to find tee shirts like these. And, they are the BEST on Earth. Not only do they have great designs, but they are super soft and they fit perfect every time.

Not super tight, not athletic fit, but just right. If you have a true dude in your life, this is the perfect, unique gift for any birthday or special occasion.

Shop Homage Tees » Amazon »

Banana Republic Traveler Jeans

These jeans aren’t the SUPER-SKINNY kind the teenie-boppers are wearing, but slim-fitting, super-soft and stretchy.

Shop Traveler Jeans » Amazon »

MVMT Watches

I get more compliments on these watches then I have anything else in my life. The great part too is that they are super reasonable… (around $90-$150 ea.)

Shop MVMT Watches » Amazon »

Nike Dri-Fit Flex Hats

Being someone who has had the luxury to work from home for the past 10 years – I wear a lot of hats. And, these ones are the best. Super comfortable, lightweight, breath really good, and look awesome. Especially the Michigan State Spartan ones. šŸ™‚

Shop Hats » Amazon »

Aldo Shoes

Aldo shoes are stylish, affordable, and they hold-up to the stinkin’ cold Michigan winters. Casual and dressy, they have pretty much everything.

Shop Aldo » Amazon »

Diesel Casual Shoes

Diesel sneakers are the bees knees. You can even find some decent ones on Amazon prime if you look hard enough.

Shop Diesel » Amazon »

APL Basketball Shoes

I don’t love the look of a lot of the APL shoes, BUT, if you play basketball, and you’re as old as me – you NEED APL SHOES. Did you know that they were banned by the NBA because they actually make you jump higher? Yep. Brandon can sky.

Shop APL » Amazon »

Allbirds Merino Wool Slip-ons

These things are ridiculous comfortable. They don’t make any sense. They look like regular wool, so you’d think that they don’t breathe, but they breathe super well. They keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They are a bit pricey to use as slippers, but that’s basically how I use em. They’re not super stylish, IMO, but, they’re not bad either. Definitely grocery store/pick the kids up from school fashionable.

Shop Allbirds » Amazon »

Shore Long Sleeve Tees & Hoodies

Shore is just cool. I don’t shop their often, because it’s like $100 for a new shirt there, but when I’m in Florida I always pick up at least something from there. I really like the fit of their long sleeve tees and hoodies.
Recently tried out Mack Weldon shirts and really liked too –

Shop Shore » Amazon »

Johnston & Murphy Button-Up Shirts

Johnston Murphy USED to be my absolute favorite, but then they got rid of their ‘tailor fit’. Since I don’t rock THAT MUCH of a beer gut, they don’t fit that great. They really gear their shirts toward the traveling, fast food eating, executive. But with that said, they have awesome designs, and the shirts are super high quality. If you like the classic fit instead of the slim – this will be perfect for ya.

Shop Shirts »

Travis Mathew Golf Gear

I honestly have never even watched Travis Mathew golf. I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup. BUT, his golf gear is hands down the best. Fits well, super high quality, and if you get lucky you can get it on clearance from Golf Galaxy.

Shop Golf Gear » Amazon »

Ted Baker Eyeglasses

For some reason, I always end up purchasing Ted Baker eyeglasses and sunglasses. I don’t even try to. Maybe I have a weird shaped head (I actually do), but they always look the best. I dig em.

Shop Ted Baker » Amazon »

Blue Yeti Microphone

If you like to record videos online, or you have a podcast the Blue Yeti is my absolute favorite microphone. I’ve used the Samson Meteor mic a lot, and it’s fine, but the sound quality from this one is awesome, and has different settings depending on what you’re using it for.

Shop Blue Yeti » Amazon »

Beans72 Buckwheat Pillows

I stumbled across this on Amazon several years ago, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. The lil buckwheat thingies on the inside of this pillow keep your head supported, but it’s also easily contorted to whatever you’re feeling. It’s kind of like a mix between a bean bag and a feather pillow. I’d highly suggest you get a soft, thick pillowcase, and then a silk cover over that if you want to sleep better than you ever have in your entire life.

Shop Beans72 » Amazon »

GoogGoogle Pixel XL 2

I’m not an iDork like everyone else I know. Google has always been better than Apple and it always will be. And, the Pixel XL 2 is my current go-to Google phone. Google phones don’t have the bloatware that other providers put on their phones and they sync with Google everything. They genuinely try to get to know me – not just wham-bam thank you ma’am. And, I appreciate that.

Shop Pixel XL 2 » Amazon »

Sana Organics Facial Serum

My brother in law (soon to be) started this company, and designed this serum out of his basement. And, it really is the best facial lotion I’ve ever used. Sana Organics Flora facial oil makes your face tingle, feel clean, moisturized, and it’s light – not greasy. You have to try it.

Shop Sana » Amazon »

It Works Berry Greens

Admittedly, I’ve been working with It Works Global for over 10 years now, promoting their products. But, I’d be amiss if I left It Works! Greens off my list. I can’t go a day without them. I don’t generally eat all that well, and if I miss taking these for a few days, my body pays the price. They taste great, have 50+ veggies and superfoods, electrolytes and they help alkalize your body. Good stuff.

Shop It Works » Amazon »

BGR Cordless Hair/Beard Trimmer

I’ve been cutting the hair on my head since I was about ten years old. And, I never really gave it much thought, just used a regular ol’ Wahl cheap set of clippers from Walmart. But, one day I discovered that it wasn’t cutting it for my beard anymore – just didn’t seem to get all the patches…. Then I found this Andis BGR trimmer – and it was a game changer. Not only is it cordless, but one quick swoop across your head, beard, whatever and everything is the same length. Definitely recommend the investment if you do a lot of clippin’.

Shop BGR » Amazon »

Needtobreathe Music

I grew up when Christian music wasn’t all the cool, or good. So, when Needtobreathe came out in my early 20’s – I fell in love with their music. So many good songs over the years, and always a good message too.

Shop Needtobreathe » Amazon »

Lake Street Dive Music

My brother introduced me to Lake Street Dive – they’re kind of funky, hipster, happy music and the lead singer is amazing. Check ’em out.

Shop Lake Street » Amazon »

Good Will Hunting

Not a whole lot to explain about this… Classic movie. How you like dem apples?!

Shop Movies » Amazon »

CS Lewis

If you like philosophy and have ever pondered the big questions about religion and Christianity then you need to read C.S. Lewis. He’ll blow your hair back. Mere Christianity and Screwtape Letters are two of my favorites.

Shop CS Lewis » Amazon »

Tesla Model S

I still don’t have myself a Tesla – but it’s been on my ‘dreamboard’ for quite a while. They are just so smooth, and their technology is so sexy. I have a few goals for myself that I haven’t hit yet, but once I do – I’ll be sportin the souped up Model S.

Shop Tesla » Amazon »

Flixster (Reviews)

Flixster is just my go to for movie reviews and I’m a movie guy – it’s my night time vice after the kids are in bed.

Get Flixster » Amazon »

Dropbox App (Storage)

I’ve been using Dropbox for about a decade and it just makes life easier. With the number of devices I now have (computers, phones, etc) it’s just nice to have all my files backed up in one place. If you’re not using something to store your stuff in the cloud, you should be.

Get Dropbox » Amazon »

Goalrilla Basketball Hoops

As someone who lived and breathed basketball while growing up – having a nice hoop is essential and Goalrilla’s are the absolute best there are.

Shop Goalrilla » Amazon »

Maru Sushi

I love sushi and this is the best sushi place in all of Grand Rapids, MI where I live. Go try it and tell them Brandon sent you. šŸ™‚

Visit Maru »


If you’re not sure what all the hype about Chipotle is or why people are so fanatical about it, then you haven’t tried the Barbacoa there. Yes, I own Chipotle stock.

Order Chipotle » Amazon »

Ahrefs SEO Tracking Software

I do a LOT with online marketing – and this is the one tool I cannot live without. A man can only perform as well as his tools allow him and this one allows me to become superhuman. If you want to rank in Google for competitive search terms, you need ahrefs – plain and simple.

Get Ahrefs »

WpEngine (Web Hosting)

I do EVERYthing on WordPress and WPEngine is my go-to for every important site I build. They load fast, have great support and they are reasonably priced. Make sure you upgrade your server to PHP7 right off the bat if you want your sites to be blazing fast for google. And you do want that.

Get Wpengine »

Penzu App (Journaling)

I’m a journaler. Helps me stay focused and remember what the heck I did because I have a crappy memory when it comes to events. Penzu syncs across all your devices, has security built in and a great interface. Love it.

Get Penzu »

Todoist (Making Lists)

If you like making lists and checking them twice like I do, then Todoist will make you berry happy. Todoist has a browser extension for Chrome, and app for your phone, a website url for your laptop, you can record audio notes, you can share lists with others, create projects – the LIST goes on and on… get it, you’ll love it – trust me.

Get Todoist » Amazon »


Knorks changed my life. You’ll never need a knife again. You just press on the side of the fork, and you can cut through just about anything, even a steak. Genius.

Shop Knorks » Amazon »

That’s all I have for now, but I plan on adding more unique gifts, services, apps and authors soon – so check back often!

If you have recommendations on gifts, services, or other stuff that you just can’t live without please leave me a link or a note in the comments!!!

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