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An Honest Review of Hashflare’s Cloud Mining Service for 2018

Hashflare Review

With all the craziness surrounding digital currencies and cloud mining lately, I decided it was time that someone did an honest review of the Hashflare cloud mining service. I have been using for a few months, and I’ve seen some pretty amazing returns – but, investing with isn’t something to be taken lightly. […]

Why Network Marketing?

network marketing

In my previous life, I was an aerospace engineer. It sounds kinda nice to say, but the reality is–it wasn’t nice at all. I sat in a 6×6 cubicle, where I stared at spreadsheets and software requirements all day long. And, if it was a really good day, I could test my software requirements on […]

The 44 Most Unique Gifts for a Super Hip, Mid 30’s, Radical Dad with Incredible Style…

CAUTION: This is 35 years worth of amazing discoveries, unique gifts to myself and thousands of hours of scouring Amazon prime. It will be a challenge not to purchase these items. You see, over my lifetime, I’ve noticed that I randomly, yet quite consistently, fall in love with certain brands, products, services and experiences – […]

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