A Simple Guide to Generating Leads Using Facebook Ads

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been using Facebook almost exclusively as our advertising medium of choice to generate thousands of leads to our network marketing business. Recently, I’ve been getting more and more requests asking me how exactly we do it, so below I’m going to give you a simple guide to setting up one of our most successful ads.

Before I get started, I’m going to make a few small assumptions.

Those assumptions are: that you know how to setup and use a Fan Page on Facebook, that you have at least a general idea of being able to promote/boost posts, and that you have some sort of website/lead capture page to. If you don’t, I’d suggest heading over here, and here, first.

Disclaimer:  Facebook’s Ad platform, Newsfeed, etc.. changes on an almost daily basis, so what’s working now might not actually be working tomorrow.  So use the ‘theory’ and ‘best practices’ within this guide and start experimenting yourself!


Facebook is an incredible tool for advertising all over the globe, and the inherent trust that comes along with being able to view a person’s profile/friends etc makes it the PERFECT tool for advertising a network marketing or direct selling business.

And, there just a few steps you need to put into action to make it work for YOU…

  • Create a Video
  • Create a Facebook Page Video Post
  • Advertise Your Video Post
  • Extra Credit: Test, Refine…Repeat.

NOTE: Our ad worked and still works incredibly well, but we didn’t follow half of the steps here. We could definitely refine and test, etc but we have yet to do so. So do as I say, not as I do. 🙂


As of the time of this writing, videos are doing incredibly well as advertisements within the Newsfeed on Facebook. Many people don’t take the time to upload a video, they simple share videos from others, and I believe that Facebook’s algorithm favors the extra effort to upload something new.

In addition, you may have noticed that Facebook videos autoplay without volume in the Newsfeed, so they really get your attention when scrolling through your updates.

Lighting & Recording
Almost any recording device can work well for recording this video, depending on what type of ‘feel’ you are going for. If you’re going for a professional feel to your video I’d suggest something like a flip, along with some great lighting (you can either wait for great daylight, or buy some fancy lighting equipment) and always make sure your recording device is on a stand (and not in your shaky friend’s hands) to keep it steady.

My advice to anyone just getting started would be to record their first video with a smart device (phone/ipad) (assuming its a newer model with a decent camera) using some great daylight (overcast days outside with no wind are perfect). It’s really not necessary to have something look professional and chances are, that everyday type of quality will relate well with fans/viewers.

Here’s an example of a video that we recorded with a old flip camera and some decent lighting. We ended up using this video for one of our ads, although it wasn’t really designed for that purpose…

What Should You Say?
Great question.

Most people within the network marketing industry get this wrong. Their first tendency is to verbally throw-up either on camera —regurgitating every little fact they’ve ever heard in their corporate literature or conference calls. Don’t do that.

The goal of this video is to earn the trust of your viewer, show your personality & get them intrigued enough to want to learn more. They are buying YOU.

My recommendation for your video content, for simplicity’s sake is to tell them in less than two minutes (preferably one minute):

  • Tell them who you are (briefly) & show your personality.
  • Tell them a problem they have, relate with it —then make them a promise to solve it for them (just as you have).
  • Tell them how exclusive your offer is, & why it’s urgent they take action now.
  • Then, tell them what to do next (and what they’ll get from it)


I realize this can sound a little intimidating, but don’t make a big deal out of it. Just take 15 minutes to write down some bullet points, then let it fly. You can always tweak, test and refine when the whole process is complete!

Being that are a zillion kinds of phones, cameras & smart devices that you could record from, I’m not going to get into details for transferring your video to your computer. But, you can either find a 17 year old to help you out or you can google the topic and I’m sure you’ll figure it out! 🙂

Congratulations! You have your video now and that is the hardest part! Pat yourself on the back.


The trick to really making this successful is to create a post on your fanpage, and then promote that post using very specific options in the ad manager (which we’ll go over in step 3).

So… if you don’t have a fanpage yet you can set one up here, and here a couple tips, but dont get hung up on the details too much. You can always create a new one in the future.

Now, you’ll want to choose the upload video option from your normal status bar:


Select the video you uploaded on your pc or phone, and then you’ll see this screen… This is where you are going to enter your short, but amazing sales message: 🙂


Here are a few examples of complete posts with sales messages as they appear in the newsfeed to give you an overall idea of what we’re doing here.

Now, this is admittedly a terrible sales message, but I wanted to show you this as an example, because it STILL WORKED GREAT.


The fact of the matter is that advertising videos in the Facebook Newsfeed is still in its infancy, and pretty much everything is working darn well right now. So, get something out there and take advantage of it! 🙂

I did almost everything wrong in the video above… I didn’t really tell them what the business was about, I didn’t tell them to watch the video, I didn’t create any type of urgency, and as you can see, I still had over 1600 people like it over time and over 80 comments with many of them asking to join our team.

Here’s another example to look at:


The above post was from someone on our team who took our idea and ran with it & while she’s done great with it, there are still a few items to look at changing:

What I Like Here:

  • She says “Let me show you how I quit…” – Says that she is credible, she did it, and she’s willing to show you. Great.
  • She says “No experience needed” – She gets in the mind of the visitor, who is likely thinking… “I can’t do this” Great.
  • She says “Do the following..” with explicit steps – She doesn’t just say to comment below, she says to comment “Yes” below, that in itself takes the pressure off the visitor who is likely thinking “what do I comment”.
  • She says “P.s.” – Visitors are more likely to read the p.s. than any other part of your message, AND she talks about making $10,000 – which is brilliant!

What I Don’t Like Here:

  • The link, and the call to action are so far down in the post that they’ll be cutoff, and the visitor will have to say “read more” in order to view them.
  • She doesn’t mention whhat the business is, or how much it costs.. This would drastically cut down on her cost by eliminating ‘tire-kickers’.
  • She doesn’t use her own video, which would establish more trust with the viewer and it’s trust she’ll need down the road for the rest of the sales process.

IMPORTANT:(LANDING PAGE) Many network marketers don’t have a great website for sending potential distributors. What I love about the message above, is that you can ask your prospects to “COMMENT BELOW” and then followup by friending the person, and sending them a private message. Eventually, you’ll want to have a good landing page to direct your leads to, but this gives you a way to get started right away.

So… hopefully you have a decent idea of what your sales message would look like at this point. If nothing else, just copy the format of one of the posts above, and edit it to fit your personality, style, product or service and it should work just fine!

The idea of your message is very similar to that of your video, explain the benefits, urgency and exclusiveness of your offer and then tell them what to do! If you do that, you’ll have more leads than you can handle!

Okay, once you have that information entered into your status area, you can hit post! Your video will now be sent for processing, and your post will be live on your fan page when it completes (you’ll get a facebook notification when that happens).

The option to edit your sales message/description for your video is kind of hidden, but its easy once you know where to look:


You can always click the date on your post, then just look for the edit button and you’ll be able to change-up your text however you’d like.

NOTE: If you have a face or personality better suited for radio (as I do), you can record a voiceover using powerpoint (or other presentation software) and those work incredibly well also.


Advertising your post within the ad manager is actually fairly simple, and there are lots of tutorials on the web to show you best practices. If you are tech savvy at all, I strongly recommend using the power editor to advertise your video post, and I’ll talk about that later in this post.

The first step is to login to your ad manager account, or create one here: https://www.facebook.com/advertising

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a green button in the upper right that says “Create an Ad”, click that.

Now you want to choose your ‘ad type’.. Since we already have a post created that we want to promote, we’re going to choose the “Page Post Engagement” option.


Now, select the video post that you created earlier, it should show up as the default option.


You should see a preview now of your ad as it would appear in the newsfeed of a user. Your selection on this screen depend a lot on what you’re advertising. If you believe that the user can accomplish your call-to-action i.e. commenting ‘yes’, or submitting their email/info on a mobile device then I would recommend running only on the Mobile News Feed. The clicks are generally cheaper and you’ll get a great return on your money.

But, if you are telling your users to visit a website where there is a lot of info to enter and digest, then I’d recommend the opposite to run on “Desktop News Feed” only and in both cases we’re going to ignore ads in the “Right Column”.


This next screen is where you’re really going to try and nail down your target market.

Since our business is primarily female driven, and we are looking for women with previous network marketing experience: we started off with an audience that was in the United States/Canada, that was 24-44 years of age, was Female, spoke English, and that had an ‘interest’ of another networking company.

This is a very basic targeting strategy, but if the sales message and video are good, it doesn’t matter! 🙂

So, I’d challenge you to think about who the ideal person is for your business. Are they college educated? Target that. Would they like a particular website or fan page? Would they work at a particular business? All of these are options you can now choose.

In the screenshot here I chose Mary Kay as the workplace, and tons of network marketing companies as interests. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty small audience, but it will be VERY responsive.


NOTE: The more your ad is clicked on, the less it will actually cost you. Facebook will reward you for having a high click thru rate, and lower the cost of each click. So, the better job you do of making your ad very relevant to your audience the better you’ll do.

Okay, the hard part is complete, now it’s just a matter of choosing your budget, and seeing how your ad does!


What you name your campaign is only for your eyes, and can be anything. Your budget is totally up to you as well. I’d shoot for trying to get a good lead for every $5 spent, but the true value of the lead is really determined in your ability to followup, close and then train that person in your business!

Ads are typically reviewed quite quickly and you’ll receive a notification on Facebook when your ad is approved and/or disapproved. Then, be ready to start replying to comments, and get your phone ready! A recent study stated that you’re 400% more likely to close a sale if you respond in the first minute after inquiry vs the first 24 hours. So, don’t delay!


This entire guide was created in an effort to give the very basics to getting a great ad running on Facebook. If you are a bit tech savvy, I would highly suggest checking out the “Facebook Power Editor for creating your facebook ads. The Power Editor give you several other targeting/ad creation options & even gives you cool buttons like “Shop Now” and “Download” that you can incorporate into your posts to get better interaction.

The Power Editor also makes it much easier to duplicate your ads, and test them with different audiences – which I highly suggest. Often times you’ll find that two audiences with similar interests react to your ad quite differently e.g. Mary Kay vs Tupperware might have drastically different click costs. I know several people who will create 50 different versions of each ad! Testing is really crucial to really making your ads successful.

And, as promised here are some other resources to check out:

» Jon Loomer has a website about “Advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies” with lots of helpful videos.
» Straightup Interactive is a provider on Elance who I’ve used to handle my Facebook Ads before and do a great job.
» Grizzly Bird Media is a full service Social Media Management company if you really need help across the board.

If you enjoyed this post, please share and leave me a comment below! (I’d love to hear what you need clarification on, or what was helpful for future posts as well)